Jonas Rask Eilersen
Splendid Spa
ul. "Pirinski prohod" 27, 1618 Sofia, Bulgaria
20th August 2015
Spa Background
On the outskirts of Sofia’s relatively compact centre, the Splendid Spa is a small day spa complex located on the ground floor of a five-storey residential building. It’s a 10-15 minute drive from the centre of Sofia. Taxis are cheap; so hop in – and disregard the slightly unsavoury feel of the surrounding area on arrival. Prices at Splendid are at the cheaper end of the scale, so RASK was not expecting a luxury experience. Were we pleasantly surprised?
The reception area was small and didn’t give the impression that this was a particularly luxurious spa. The changing room however was extremely clean, well stocked and well furnished. The relaxation area was nothing special – but it was very clean. The steam bath turned out to be an alternation between a rain shower and a herbal steam room. The steam room itself was very clean with soothing mood lighting. The rain shower right across from the steam room was powerful and refreshing.
A warm and enthusiastic staff member greeted us with a cup of green tea. Our male therapist spoke perfect English and explained the afternoon’s programme to us. Service throughout was gracious and accommodating.
We opted for the so-called Splendid Lux Package for two people; starting off with a steam bath, followed by a Swedish massage, then a reflexology session, and rounded off with a facial.

After an extremely relaxing steam session, RASK was led into a massage treatment room. The massage treatment started off with some aromatic oils on the face - a great start. This massage was a full-body treatment and was truly relaxing (although it could have been a little firmer). This one-hour treatment was followed by 30 minutes of reflexology, which was just excellent.

Following the massage, we were led into the relaxation area and brought a glass of water. My facial was also top-notch, and in spite of the extraction, it was not painful at all.
Superb value for money! RASK indulged in three and a half hours of pure bliss for less than EUR50 per person. While Splendid is not one of those ‘story-telling’ spas with home-grown products and signature treatments, the products used were nevertheless first class (Yonka) and the whole spa was absolutely immaculately clean and well-equipped. The real assets, however, were the therapists. There was no unnecessary small-talk, but they still provided guidance throughout and put us at ease.