Jonas Rask Eilersen
Turkish Airlines Lounge Istanbul
Istanbul Atatürk International Airport, International terminal
16th October 2015

The flagship lounge of Turkish Airlines is one which we very frequently visit – and do so with pleasure, I might add. Having recently been expanded by a whopping 2,400 square metres, it is also now one of the largest lounges in the world. Read on for our honest review.

Now set over two floors, there is plenty of space to spread out. The lounge is divided into a vast number of areas - some are bright open spaces, some are little nooks.

The design is completely on brand with Turkish Airlines' identity; this is "the new Turkey", but one which appreciates its design tradition; you'll find plenty of marble in the bathrooms, chandeliers, wooden floors and furniture, and greenery inside. There's even a little "tea garden" where you can sit and enjoy your Turkish coffee (or tea, of course) in midst of the plants.
Impeccable and constantly even improving, there was a cleaning attendant passing by my table every few minutes. Also the restrooms are now being kept clean to a very high standard, with attendants constantly at work.
Food and Drink
If there's one thing which is simply outstanding in an already outstanding lounge, it's the food and drink; an unrivalled selection. Multiple live cooking stations with all manner of superb options - wherever you are in this lounge, you will be within easy reach of both full meals and snacks, drinks stations, coffee carts and dessert spreads.
I particularly like the Turkish food options - they include lahamcun (i.e. "Turkish pizza") and Turkish coffee.
Another stunner; here's everything from golf simulators to a library. Kids are well looked after, too - with their own play area.

You can even take a seat in the cinema (with warm popcorn). For passengers with longer layovers, there are sleeping rooms (they're free, but conditions apply).

Showers are for everybody (I've used them, and they're fabulous).

Another plus are the massage therapists who walk around doing impromptu treatments - there's no need to book, you simply ask a passing by therapist and you're all set. While this is less fancy than some airlines' in-lounge spa areas, I actually prefer the more informal approach by Turkish.
Unfailingly friendly and prompt.
Quite possibly the world's best airline lounge - only the smaller and more exclusive First Class lounges for certain airlines rival it. I could go on and on about this fabulous place, but suffice to say, I make a point of extending my layovers here whenever passing through Istanbul.