Jonas Rask Eilersen
SAS Business Lounge
SAS Business Lounge, Copenhagen Airport, near C gates
28th September 2015

SAS Scandinavian Airlines’ flagship business class Copenhagen lounge forms the downstairs part of the airline’s “lounge complex”, offering access to business class, as well as Star Alliance Gold card holders. We were greeted with a smile at the desk, and led left into the business lounge (only SAS EuroBonus Gold card holders are sent to the right (upstairs)).

The lounge is larger than it seems at first glance, with plenty of space to spread out. A number of sofas, comfy arm chairs are available towards the sides of the lounge. Near the bar and self service buffet, more informal stools and communal tables are set up - perfect for a short stay.
While the bathrooms could be kept a little cleaner, the rest of the lounge is immaculately clean (and well kept).
Food and Drink
There was a good selection of continental breakfast items, including plain yogurt and muesli.
However there was no hot plate, which meant no eggs, sausages or bacon. Drinks were available from dispensers. Orange and apple juice were in large jugs.
While the selection of wine and soft drinks could be improved, overall the F&B options offered provide an acceptable selection - with an emphasis on salads, soup and good breads. Nothing too complex - and here, it works.
The fireplace lends the lounge and informal and cosy feel - a haven of comfort amidst the busy airport. There is an excellent selection of reading matter - around 40 of the world’s most important newspapers, and a wide selection of glossy magazines (InStyle, Harper’s Bazaar etc.). The Wi-fi worked without a hitch (this is one of the only areas of the airport where the airport's own w-ifi doesn't really work flawlessly - so SAS' has to! An added bonus is the ability to host meetings for up to 14 people here, in a private area.
Shower facilities are available.
We were greeted with a smile, both at the reception, but also by other staff around the lounge. Staff were unfailingly friendly - also at the "flight help desk" and around the buffet station.
Relaxed, efficient, informal. Just like the airline itself. Not amongst the best – but a notch above the rest. For a flagship lounge, I'd expected a little more - but there's no denying that the lounge is a true refuge in an often very busy airport.