Jonas Rask Eilersen
Aviator Lounge
Copenhagen Kastrup International Airport, near B gates
26th September 2015

One of the main lounges at RASK’s home airport, we of course had to pay the Aviator Lounge a visit… The lounge is located close to the security control, and right at the “root” of the B gates; it’s one flight of stairs up where the lounge shares a reception area with the – decidedly nicer – CPH Apartment Lounge.

For some reason, it's always incredibly hot when I visit this lounge - and on this, review day, it was just as hot as it's always been. This being the preferred lounge for "unaligned" airlines flying from Copenhagen, the lounge gets crowded to the max - also today. Hence, despite the fact that the seating is quite comfortable, there's never enough of it.
A low point is cleanliness - the lounge simply appears quite dirty; tables don't get wiped, there's dirty cutlery and glasses all over the place. Toilets, next to reception, were clean enough though.
Food and Drink
Don't bother - the highlight of a visit here is the - very ordinary - "leverpostej" on "rugbrød" - it's akin to what a school child might get in his lunch box (read: unexciting and a little messy). I merely enjoy it because I don't live in Denmark anymore, and it's a nice little treat. The F&B selection is abysmal - I wonder if the staff here ever have had a cup of coffee from the machine here.
Fast wifi is easily accessible - but that's thanks to the airport, not the lounge. The newspaper selection is quite ok, although not replenished during the day (it seems). The only "added perk" of this place, compared to being downstairs in the main terminal, is the ability to host a meeting (there is a part of the lounge which can be sealed off for this purpose). I will admit that I do enjoy the ability to sit next to the window, with a view to the apron (if it only weren't so darned hot!)
Sour receptionists, surly staff manning the F&B facilities.
A quite miserable lounge for a world class airport, don't make the Aviator Lounge your place to linger before a flight - bite the bullet (i.e. pay the price) to sit in one of the truly great bars and restaurants this airport offers instead.