Jonas Rask Eilersen
The Beaumont
Brown Hart Gardens, Mayfair, London W1K 6TF
27th September 2015

Long live the King! The new Corbin & King hotel, The Beaumont; that is… A close relation to such revered London institutions as The Wolseley and The Delaunay, this new-build property is the talk of town – and with good reason. Read on for our honest review.

It hardly gets more exclusive than this in London; smack-bang in the middle of Mayfair, equidistant to Bond Street and Grosvenor Square. If you’re into high end shopping or are a hedge fund manager (or both…), this is where you want to be.
Who stays?
This place oozes money – and it’s not just down to the décor. The Bentley parked just in front sets the tone; you get my drift.
Style and Character
A new-build done in art deco style, the place does feel ‘new’ (although my partner disagreed – he thought it was old). It’s veering into the realm of kitsch, but, importantly, does not enter it. Wooden floors, lots of lacquered wood, black and white tiling. Fabulous
Practically flawless, with very, very minor hiccups. On checking in, we were given all the important details and taken to our gorgeous room. Throughout our stay, staff were incredibly courteous, friendly, and knowledgeable.
Rooms and Suites
Glorious rooms and suites, in all categories. All are of a generous size. Our room was a so-called Superior Studio on the top floor, and, for London, it was very large, at 48 sqm. Plus with a sizable terrace, it is bigger than most apartments in London. The most impressive suite is "ROOM" by Anthony Gormley– it is bound to become one of the most sought-after suites in London; mark my words.
The number of amenities and the quality of the furniture in any of the rooms and suites is impressive; the minibar is free, for example. Oodles of DR Harris lotions and potions were scattered all over the bathroom (which has under-floor heating…) and the bed is one of the best hotel beds I’ve had the joy of sleeping in lately (certainly better than the one I have at home…)
What I loved the most was the restrained design, resonating quality; the finishing is superb, the detailing immaculate (only minor gripe was that the shower kept overflowing, but that is being fixed, I’m told).
Food and Drink
As would be expected from the team behind The Wolseley, the restaurant and bar are both destinations in their own right. The food and drink is quite simply outstanding, and the ambience and staff in the Colony Grill are just unbelievably good. Being a true cocktail lover, I’ve picked the Beaumont Special as my new drink of choice (if only they served it other places in the hotel, not just at the American Bar).
Breakfastwas a feast; never have I had such incredible pancakes, fresh juices, coffee. Even the newspaper seemed a better read here. I could go on and on, but this was absolutely the highlight of my stay.
Features, Wellness, and Amenities
If the intention of the architect and interior decorator was to create a 1930s-themed wellness area in the basement of the hotel, then they succeeded. What’s less successful is the small size and number of facilities. The gym is honestly too small, and the plunge pool and steam room area don’t quite cut the mustard for a hotel of this quality. Then again; if you are preoccupied with your weight and fitness, then the Colony Room and American Bar are no-go areas in the first place.
Perceived Value
This is the kind of hotel that will soon be able to charge whatever it wants; it’s fabulous and a destination in its own right. Well worth it, no matter the cost.
The new ‘hotel to beat’ in London, this is a truly fabulous addition to a city with incredibly high standards at the top end of the market.