Miriam Braun
La Réserve Genève Hotel & Spa
Route de Lausanne 301, 1293 Bellevue, Switzerland
11th October 2015

Designed as a lodge, La Réserve is a not-so-secret hideaway hotel just minutes away from the heart of Geneva. Visit in winter for a magical experience, or in summer to enjoy Lake Geneva at its best.

Located on the shores of Lake Geneva in a residential suburb just 3 miles out of town and not even 5 minutes from the airport by car. It's secluded and intimate, but still has direct access to the city if you're visiting for business.
Who stays?
Businessmen from around the world and high-end Swiss escaping the city for the weekend
Style and Character
'Back to Nature' is the quote engraved in the lobby's entrance and it describes this property perfectly. Walking in you feel like you've arrived somewhere between a magical winter cabin and an African luxury safari lodge. The hotel is warm and inviting, and the colonial safari theme works excellently. In fact, the only issue I had was that the hotel was a bit TOO warm at times and probably could have done with a few degrees less..
The service here was really great. The staff were all very attentive and kind, and it took no time for them to respond to any requests I had. I was greeted by name upon arrival and I have no doubt that had I stayed longer than one night, this would have continued.
Rooms and Suites
I stayed in a Deluxe Room with park views and a lovely terrace. I thought the design was superb and loved the wood floors and red/purple bed throw and curtains. The bed was extremely comfortable and soft drinks in the mini-bar were free of charge - always a good thing. The bathroom was a bit small and only had a bathtub, something I personally don't mind but some people might. I also had no conditioner in the room and when I called down to ask for some they informed me that they didn't have any. I found that a bit odd but made do with just shampoo.
Food and Drink
My culinary experience here started with the most divine, mouth-watering scallops I've ever tasted. Perfectly lined up, raw, fresh, with simple truffle shavings on top and a drizzle of olive oil. So simple, so perfect. The journey continued that evening at the hotel's Winter Lodge, a very kitsch yet charming indoor ice-skating rink and restaurant. Being in Switzerland we started with a heavenly cheese fondue and a variety of hors d'oeuvres, followed by dinner which was truly spectacular. Breakfast the next morning was great, with a nice selection of pastries and other breakfast treats. I could go on.. but you should just visit and try it all for yourselves.
Features, Wellness, and Amenities
The hotel has a fantastic spa with an indoor pool, treatment rooms, hammam, and more. In contrast to the warm, brown tones of the hotel, the spa is refreshingly light and white. There is also an outdoor pool which I image is amazing in summer but unfortunately I didn't have the opportunity to use it this time.
Perceived Value
5* hotels in Geneva are never a bargain, but if you're going to spend the cash, this is where you should do it.
It ticks all the boxes (and more) and I had a truly enjoyable, and delicious, stay. It's got the right environment for both business and leisure clients and it's sure to impress.