Uffe Buchard
D’Angleterre Copenhagen
Kongens Nytorv 34, 1050 København K, Denmark
11th November 2015

Sometimes you just can’t bear the thought of airports, trains, passport controls – for times like these, a staycation is the solution.

Being a Copenhagener, I sought out the local grande dame, D’Angleterre – who, incidentally, may be more of a “senior lady” than a grande dame; a cultivated, elderly lady who, following some extensive self-improvement work, is now in better shape than ever.

Befitting this, the best hotel in town, the location is equally prestigious and central - right on Kongens Nytorv, facing Nyhavn, and with the Royal Danish Theater as its fanciest neighbour.

It's only some 20 minutes on the metro from the airport - it's faster and arguably more convenient than taking a taxi.
Who stays?
It's clear that many of the guests are people who prioritise staying here, and not "just at some hotel".

In contrary to other hotels of this sort elsewhere, the clientele is quite mixed here at D'Angleterre. I find this to be a good thing, by the way, as I enjoy to feel that a hotel is catering to many different kinds of people, and as much as I love grandes dames, and the sometimes slightly staid atmosphere of such dames, it's refreshing that a hotel is not only for old farts, but also for the creatives.

I noticed both the old and the young, and those with, well-behaved, kids staying here.
Style and Character
D'Angleterre is this white gleaming pearl in a most prized location; it's very impressive. The grandeur of the exterior is uncommon in Copenhagen (unlike in, say, Paris or Dubai), and it draws you in. Once inside, you feel like you're visiting your cool, elderly aunt.

Being an art aficionado, I took particular note of the hotel's substantial modern art collection, and of how it infuses the public areas, as well as every room and suite, with a little something extra. The omnipresent art, juxtaposed with the antique interiors, create a wonderful contrast which is uncommon in most other grand hotels.
Unlike in some Parisian palaces, there are plenty of contrasts here - contrasts which make the hotel feel very unique and personal (such as the special "Danish" Andy Warhol piece of Queen Margrethe in the lobby, the H.C. Andersen paper cuts, and the Per Kirkeby oils).

Another stunning feature which adds a lot of character are the incredible flower decorations made from fresh, beautiful flowers. Not a plastic flower in sight. The flower arrangements are not limited to the gorgeous decorations in the reception area, and are grand and chic at the same time - I loved the orchids and the new colours.
Well, I spent 47 hours straight without leaving the hotel - which meant that I had plenty of interactions with staff. And, much to my delight, not a single foot was put wrong. In fact, I felt that everybody went above and beyond. For example, on Saturday morning I slept in and ordered breakfast room service. Even though the menu stated that breakfast could only be served until 1030, the room service team seemed positively happy to arrange for my full English breakfast even though the time was close to 12 noon.

I felt that there was a genuine effort to put the guest's needs in focus.

Side note: I just looove having my shoes shined!
Rooms and Suites
My room was superb - but so are all rooms here. I know the different types and styles; some are golden, some are light blue, some are purple. My room, a Deluxe Junior Suite, was of a purple hue. I would usually have preferred a slightly more pared down colour, but I still loved it.

The Junior Suite had a gorgeous view to Kongens Nytorv - three doors to the terrace. Big writing desk and armchair. Despite its relatively big size, it still felt cosy.

I liked the slight division between the sleeping and living area, and everything felt just right. I also adored the bathroom - with bath tub and plenty of Amazing Space amenities.
Food and Drink
Being a regular at the Champagne Bar, Balthazar, I opted to spend my time in the hotel's other outlets. I enjoyed my caipirinha in the hotel bar.

For dinner, we cosied up in a corner sofa at Marchal - and all food and drink were most enjoyable. As with everywhere else in the hotel, the service was exemplary.

We of course also had to try out the famous D'Angleterre Sunday Brunch. It was officially fully booked, but - of course - the staff managed to sort out a table for us (the "yes attitude" was highly appreciated here...) Although I'm not usually a buffet person, I couldn't resist the cornucopia of food and drink; it's three hours of indulgence - not to be missed.
Features, Wellness, and Amenities
I looove a hotel with a good pool - and D'Angleterre has a fabulous one which is equally good for lounging next to, as it is for actual swimming.

The wellness area, Amazing Space, also includes a steam room and sauna; all new and gorgeous. My massage was heavenly. The spa used to be the best in town, but with Laura Bonén at the helm here at the revitalised spa it's now even better. Fabulous.
Perceived Value
D'Angleterre is one of the most expensive in town, but you would still pay twice the price for this kind of indulgence in New York or London.
I could easily have stayed another night - I didn't want to go home. D'Angleterre is a fabulous choice for Copenhagen indulgence.