Jonas Rask Eilersen
Turkish Airlines A319 Business Class
Billund - Aalborg - Istanbul Atatürk International Airport, Airbus A319-100, Business Class
27th December 2015

Turkish Airlines operates a daily triangle service Istanbul – Billund – Aalborg – Istanbul, alternating between stopping first in Billund and continuing to Aalborg, or stopping in Aalborg first and continuing to Billund.

All flights are currently operated by smaller Airbus A319. We checked out the Turkish Airlines Business Class offering on the route, departing Billund at 1300.

Check In
I love Billund Airport; it's airy, clean and friendly. However, on this occasion, I wasn't completely satisfied with the check in process. Due to Turkish Airlines operating this route as a triangle route, online check in is not possible, and so the only way to check in is heading to the check in desks.
The dedicated Business Class check-in desk wasn't busy, and the check in assistant was friendly enough - she just didn't seem very capable. For example, she couldn't assign seats for us, and had great difficulty adding a frequent flyer number (both something you'd really expect a check in clerk to assist with).

Bags were tagged and boarding passes issued.

I received no advice regarding lounge access.
The Lounge
There is only one lounge here at Billund, and it's a great one: the King Amlet Lounge.

It's a vast space, full of great Danish design furniture classics.

Staff were friendly and the food and drink selection good (different pastas, salads, crisps, breads - as well as plenty of beers, soft drinks and spirits).

We didn't have time to linger for long before boarding was announced.

We made it through passport control quickly, were at the gate, (#4), some 20 minutes before scheduled departure.
There was no priority boarding for Business Class passengers, but it all went quickly and quite smoothly. Boarding was via an air bridge and we were greeted warmly at the door.
The Cabin, Seat and Service
The cabin looked neat and tidy. The Business Class cabin is separated by a curtain on these aircraft, and so you'd think there wouldn't be any difference in seat comfort compared to Economy.

However, there really is, as the legroom is vastly superior in Business Class. At 37in it's one of the biggest pitches on any intra-European flight, and so while the seat itself is a standard Economy seat, the legroom, as well as the added convenience of having a free seat in-between each occupied seat in Business Class, make the cabin feel markedly nicer than Economy.

Service throughout the flight was warm and friendly; as it should be - we were the only two passengers in the cabin. I was a little annoyed that one cabin crew kept putting his own bag on my jacket - but apart from this mishap, all crew were friendly and capable.

It *is* quite annoying that we had to make a stop in Aalborg en route - it does add over an hour to the journey.
Food and Drink
As always, the food and beverages served on Turkish Airlines are a treat. Apart from the Champagne (which was too sweet (I don't know what it was, to be honest)), all food and drink were top of the line.

Printed menus were distributed. As per usual, a Turkish meze selection was provided - it included grilled chicken, different salads (including eggplant), as well as a, quite exciting, beetroot hummus. For my main, I opted for a prawn stew (known in Turkish as güvec) - it was delicious.

I was full, but still finished both the cheese selection as well as the mascarpone tart.
Inflight Entertainment
Although the flight time for this route is quite long - at over five hours - there's no IFE. However, as I'd loaded my iPad with content (FYI Hitchcock's Vertigo is worth a watch!), I was quite satisfied with the reading matter provided - it's an impressive spread of international dailies. I've never really been impressed with the Turkish Airlines magazine, I have to admit.
We arrived on time in Istanbul's massive - and congested - Atatürk airport. It took over 20 minutes to drive to the stand, and once there, we had to be bussed for another 10 minutes. Not ideal - but I was impressed with how good the cabin crew were at keeping us updated, as well as being, well, just personable and friendly, while we were waiting.

The cabin was clean and neat on arrival.

As I was continuing onto another flight from Istanbul, I didn't have to pick up any bags here.
Apart from providing a great international link from Billund, Turkish Airlines is an excellent airline across most fields. When things run smoothly, Turkish Airlines is one of the best in the skies, and although the flight was certainly not one of the most luxurious I've had, I will most definitely fly Turkish short-haul Business Class again.