Silvia Pisci
Scoot B777-200 Economy Class
Singapore Changi - Sydney Kingsford Smith, B777-200 Economy Class
24th September 2015

Scoot Airlines pitches itself as an airline for the young-at-heart – those who value discovery, experience and enjoyment – people who have what they call ‘Scootitude’. This sounded a bit like RASK – so we were eager to find out if Scoot delivered…

Scoot is a Singapore-based low-cost long haul airline, operating flights on medium and long haul routes from Singapore to Australia and China, on Boeing 777s. The airline is part of the Singapore Airlines conglomerate, but let it be said that there is simply no comparison between the world’s best airline and Scoot….read on for our honest review.

Check In
Easy-breezy as things usually are here at Changi. Swift processing of boarding passes, little queuing. No complaints bar one: ground staff were not particularly welcoming.
Boarding process relatively civilised.
The aircraft looked shiny and new – though we weren’t keen on the design choices and lurid yellow colour..
The Cabin, Seat and Service
Music being blasted out in an attempt to create a ‘fun’ atmosphere was irritating and hardly conducive to a ‘party’ feel (assuming this was the aim).

Storage space was adequate, while seats were very narrow and hard. Everything comes at a price with Scoot - passengers are offered the chance to upgrade to a more roomy seat before take-off; all extras are expensive and low quality – a blanket costs 12 dollars, while a small bottle of water sets you back four dollars.

Another irritation was the constant sound of the service button – regularly mistaken by passengers for the light button.

The entertainment device was very poor. RASK did however enjoy the inflight Scoot magazine.
Staff were pleasant, but seemed young and inexperienced. RASK wasn’t keen on the hostesses’ uniforms – the T-shirts didn’t look quite right for a long haul flight, however ‘trendy’ the intention. The flight arrived on time to its destination.
Food and Drink
Meals and snacks are available at extra cost, but are extremely unappetising – choices included Diced Chicken braised in soy sauce, Chicken in Spicy Tomato Broth with chickpeas and apricots, or Vegetarian Minestrone. Service was slow and beverage choice was limited – only tea, water or pepsi.
Inflight Entertainment
Scoot operates a streaming service called ScooTV which, like everything else,comes at a price. It streams directly onto your own device (e.g. tablet). We didn’t try it – but the selection was not very impressive, to say the least. The inflight magazine was nice, though.
About the only good thing...we arrived on time and my bag was delivered quickly.
Not quite the on-trend service promised in the airline’s marketing blurb– the tinny music and staff uniforms did little to create the impression of a cutting edge company.

The food bordered on inedible, while the seats were uncomfortable.

On the plus side, service was good, and arrival time was prompt.