Jonas Rask Eilersen
Royal Jordanian A330-200 Crown Class
Amman - Kuala Lumpur, A330-200 Crown Class (Business Class)
22nd September 2015

Royal Jordanian (RJ) flies three times a week between its home base of Amman and Kuala Lumpur. The airline also flies three/four times a week to Hong Kong. All flights go via Bangkok, providing daily connections between Amman and the Thai capital. Flights depart around 0200, arriving in Bangkok the following afternoon, and in either Kuala Lumpur or Hong Kong in the early evening. Here at RASK, we’ve always loved the Royal Jordanian livery – so, were we in for a stylish flight…?

Check In
I’d arrived on a connecting flight into Amman, and I’d received all boarding passes as well as indications regarding the Crown Lounge at Amman. Easy-breezy.
The Lounge
Royal Jordanian now finally offers an exquisite lounge at Amman’s new airport. It basically occupies an entire floor which overlooks the rest of the terminal. It’s a very airy, beautiful place and has a pretty good selection of food and drink. If only there were not so many “deep fried” things… Lots of drinks and a staffed bar. Staff at the lounge could use some customer service training, though: a surly bunch.
No boarding calls at the lounge, but plenty of screens with flight information. I took the lift down to the departures concourse and walked to my gate where lots of passengers were waiting to board.
Unfortunately Crown Class passengers don’t get priority boarding, meaning a ten-minute wait to get on to the plane – irritating if you’ve paid for top service – but once on board, I was greeted warmly by the female Maître de Cabine.
The Cabin, Seat and Service
The Crown Class cabin itself was clean and fresh, and the cabin attendants looked stylish and ready to assist. The seat was comfy and reclined to sleeping position (not fully flat), although I did spot a few stray breadcrumbs. A privacy screen, personal reading light, a comfy pillow and a duvet make for a restful flight.
Food and Drink
Champagne, water and orange juice were offered soon after boarding, although a full cabin meant a longer waiting time. The first food offered was a non-appetizing mix of white bread, salami and a mixed salad. RASK sipped on a Moët & Chandon. The full meal on the Amman – Bangkok leg was served some six hours into the flight, and about two hours before arrival in Bangkok. We tucked in to a substantial offering of breakfast items, all with a Middle Eastern twist. Taking off again from Suvarnabhumi, a new round of drinks and a three course lunch were served. RASK tucked into a starter of smoked salmon with different sauces and breads, followed surprisingly by cooked salmon (salmon twice in the same meal?) Neither was especially yummy. Dessert was an incredibly dry Apple Crumble which remained mostly where it was – on the plate. The wine list however was extensive, and included some good Jordanian options.
Inflight Entertainment
AVOD – but not a particularly impressive selection, and I was not happy with the earphones either.
Timely arrival into the wonderful Kuala Lumpur International Airport – but marred by very late delivery of bags (mine was literally the last to arrive, despite being priority-tagged).
Usually a staunch supporter of Royal Jordanian, I expected quite a bit more, particularly with regard to food and drink. Furthermore, it’s a step down for the airline to not offer fully flat seating for sleeping on this aircraft.