Miriam Braun
El Al 777 Economy Class Plus
Tel Aviv - London Luton. Boeing 777-200. Economy Class Plus.
7th October 2015

With a RASK office based in Tel Aviv, El Al is an airline we just have to use. This particular flight wasn’t bad at all, but is it our favourite airline? Far from…

Check In
Check in at Tel Aviv's Ben Gurion Airport is unfortunately never the most pleasant experience. This is primarily due to long security lines which apply to all passengers no matter the travel class or airline (the only way to avoid this is to pay for VIP airport services). Once I got to the check in counter the ground stewardess was very kind and efficient, double checking that my FF account details had been updated and offering that I use points to upgrade from Economy to Economy Plus. I accepted!
Boarding was called for 04:10 and started exactly on time (surprisingly). The line moved quickly and I was on board in no time. We were then delayed for about 35 minutes, but it happens..
The Cabin, Seat and Service
The aircraft felt fairly new and fresh which I have to admit I was surprised by (based on previous experiences with El Al on this same route). I was seated in the first row of Economy Class Plus and had plenty of legroom which is always a pleasure. I also had no one sitting next to me so could spread out, even though the arm rest in the first row doesn't go up... thank god for long legs.
Food and Drink
Just not good. It never is with El Al, and since they've been serving the same exact dishes for the last 10 years, I already know that I need to come with my own airport-bought sandwich. The omelette was overcooked and tasteless and everything else was just bland.
I was dismayed to see that the exact same meal was served in Business Class as I was served in Economy Plus - it must have been a fluke, but I would have been more than just disappointed (angry, rather), had this happened to me in Business Class.
Inflight Entertainment
Personal screens with a decent selection of movies and tv shows. It was a 5am flight so luckily I slept most of the time and didn't end up watching anything.
After landing we had to wait about 15-20 minutes on the tarmac because the crew were having trouble connecting the stairs to the plane. We finally were able to get off only to wait another 30 minutes for the bags to come out. Not the warmest welcome..
For El Al, and for this route, it really wasn't bad. The aircraft was new, the service was decent, and the price was very competitive.