Miriam Braun
Duo Spa at Herods Tel Aviv
155 Hayarkon St. Tel Aviv 63453 Israel
27th October 2015
Spa Background
Duo Spa is located in the Herods Hotel on the northern part of Tel Aviv's promenade. To be honest, it's not my favourite hotel in town, and definitely not a 5* as they claim. Despite this, my girlfriends and I decided to try out their spa facilities for a relaxing morning off and we were pleasantly surprised. Our visit was not without flaws but overall it was a good experience and we left feeling pampered and relaxed.
The spa has 5 treatment rooms, a sauna, swimming pool (not adjacent to the spa, but located in the hotel), and a gym. This is part of the reason we chose it since we were 3 people who all needed massages at the same time (many other Tel Aviv spas have less). The reception area was nice, nothing too fancy, and the treatment rooms were all well-scented and comfortable. One big design flaw at the spa is the corridor between the treatment area and changing rooms/sauna which has permanently opened blinds along the entire length. It was freezing and really unpleasant walking between the warm and toasty treatment room to the changing rooms... not the best way to end.
Overall really nice, the receptionist, masseuse and other spa employees were very friendly and polite. Unfortunately at breakfast this wasn't the case; the hostess quite rudely demanded that we present a receipt to prove that we had in fact purchased a breakfast package. It took some time (and annoyance) convincing her to just call the spa and check this, after which we were finally able to sit down for breakfast.
I booked myself a 50-minute classic Swedish massage and it definitely hit the spot. The products used were not by any luxury brand but I didn't feel that made a difference and I enjoyed the treatment. One small 'turn off' was the heavily pregnant masseuse (8 months, I asked..). She was perfectly fit for the job, but it just made me feel a bit uncomfortable.

Breakfast was delicious and there was a huge buffet with a large variety of dishes to choose from. The restaurant has fantastic views of the Mediterranean which compensate for the artificial trees and flowers (my pet peeve).
I can't say I'd rush back, but I do feel we got good value for money. I haven't done a thorough price comparison with other hotel spas in Tel Aviv, but there definitely are some with better (and newer) facilities which I'd probably prefer to try next time. Stay tuned!