Jonas Rask Eilersen
Rose Lounge
Ho Chi Minh City International Terminal
27th September 2015

Flying any other airline but Vietnam Airlines from Saigon will probably mean that you’ll be sent to the Rose Lounge. I was flying Qatar Airways – an airline known for its high standards – and the Rose Lounge didn’t let the airline, nor me, down.

Plenty of seating space; comfy arm chairs and a good view to the tarmac. The A/C worked well, too (not a given in Vietnam where you often find yourself either freezing or sweating indoors...).
Immaculately clean; no complaints whatsoever.
Food and Drink
A delicious ‘all-you-can-eat’ style buffet with Vietnamese and Western foods awaits you in the Rose Lounge. This being Vietnam, I of course had to go straight for the pho - which was delicious. The egg rolls also went down well. Drink selection includes water, juice and beer. I did not see any wines.
International and Vietnamese newspapers and magazines were available, as well as free Wi-fi (which worked well).
Very friendly, gracious and kind - right from the reception staff and to the cleaning ladies; all were friendly and effective.