Jonas Rask Eilersen
Dream Hotel Bangkok
10 Sukhumvit Soi 15, Kloengtoey Nua, Wattana, Bangkok 10110, Thailand
9th October 2015

Bangkok is awash with luxury hotels, including some of the very best in the world. Operated by New York-based Hampshire Hotels, Dream Hotels is the company’s “upper upscale lifestyle brand”. So, was Dream Bangkok a dream – or a nightmare….?

In my opinion, Bangkok has many "best locations" - and with the Skytrain and metro, as well as cheap taxis in abundance, I'd be happy to stay in most areas of the city centre.
Still, there's no denying that the Dream's location right off Sukhumvit is great. It's around half an hour by taxi from either of Bangkok's two airports (traffic permitting, of course), and within an easy walk of shopping, entertainment and transport.
Who stays?
The Dream would love for it to be a hip and fashion-forward clientèle staying here. But let me make it clear: during my stay, it wasn' seemed a bit like a budget party crowd, to be honest.
Style and Character
I know they're aiming for a cool, futuristic look here at the Dream; there's plenty of LED lights, glossy surfaces and thumping music.
However, rather than achieving a slick, fashionable feel, it honestly ends up feeling more Total Recall and Blade Runner than cooler-than-thou chic. (That is to say: if they'd dreamed (pardon the pun) of achieving a Total Recall feel, then it could possibly have been quite cool - but I honestly don't think this was the intention....)
Unremarkable, really. Reception staff were quite surly - but the staff at the rooftop bar/restaurant cheerful and helpful. I did not appreciate being told that I'd stolen a laundry bag from the room as I was checking out (indeed, hotels which militantly have rooms checked while you're waiting at check out (and being delayed by this), is one of my pet peeves).
Rooms and Suites
If you read what else is written about this hotel online, you may be led to believe that the rooms and suites are downright fabulous. My Dream Room wasn't. At 32 sq.m. it was big enough, but quite oddly laid out. The room featured a couple of armchairs and a work desk - but it felt as if the bed and the chairs had been pushed into one end of the room, rather than being spread out (which would have been nicer). Wifi worked well; so did the new-ish flatscreen TV. The bed was very comfortable.

The main problem here, however, was the wear and tear; and having carpets in this climate makes no sense (it constantly felt "wet" due to the high humidity), and the room smelt mouldy.

The bathroom was very standard. The rooms and suites are all similar in look and feel; a recurring theme being the use of blue LED lights. I was not impressed.
Food and Drink
The rooftop bar and pool are the best features of the hotel; I had some great Tom Kha and a few lovely beers here. The breakfast in Flava was nice too. I could honestly not see what all the fuss was about when it comes to the Flava Bar and lounge; rather than elegant, it felt cheesy.
Features, Wellness, and Amenities
The best feature of the hotel, as mentioned, is the pool - it's lovely, although a tad small. I enjoyed my time lounging and working up here. There's a small spa (three treatment rooms). No gym facilities.
Perceived Value
Prices here vary widely; I managed to get a great rate which made the experience very well-priced. If you can get this place at THB3,000 then go for it (it'd be a steal).
A bit of a disappointment; I see no reason to return unless stuck in the - highly unlikely - situation that no alternatives were available.