Silvia Pisci
Château Monfort
Corso Concordia, 1, 20129 Milano
23rd October 2015

We tried Relais & Châteaux only property in Milan, but our stay wasn’t exactly the fairytale we expected…

The hotel is not right in the center, but very close to it (3 minutes by taxi). It’s not the safest area to walk around in the evening, especially for a lady…
Who stays?
Mainly couples. The hotel offers packages including spa, dinner and/or accommodation, and that’s probably what brings Italian couples as well to book a stay here. The hotel was rather quiet during the day (understandably – this is not the best venue for a business meeting, nor for an afternoon coffee in between shopping), while it got very crowded in the evening due to an event.
Style and Character
The hotel is set on a beautiful historical palace, but the interiors have been redesigned around the “fairytale” concept to create what they call a “urban Château”. Rooms and common spaces are dedicated to characters of the fairytales, and you’re lead to “follow the white rabbit” through the magic realm of Château Monfort… Someone may like all this, I’m sure – I personally didn’t that much, and found the whole thing quite tacky here and there.
Service was overall good, the staff was welcoming and they were kind in arranging my late check-out, making sure I had everything I needed and treating me with butter cookies in the afternoon.
A couple of the waiters I met at breakfast and lunch were clearly unexperienced.
Rooms and Suites
The fairytale theme goes on through the 77 rooms, with some of them being dedicated to specific characters, like Cinderella, The Nutcracker, Turandot…
My room was clean and fairly spacious considering what you usually get in Milan. Pastel walls, marble bathrooms and wooden floors are some common features to all rooms, but I found the result rather cold and lacking character. The mix of contemporary and “fairytale-elegant” was a bit of an eyesore to me, with “precious decorations” going together with colored led lights (I have a problem with led lights maybe, I just really don’t like them, anywhere...).

The room I would choose next time would be the Cinderella or the Boheme suite, which feel cozier, brighter and overall more pleasant to the eye. The Boheme suite also features a beautiful free-standing bath. They are located on the attic, so ceilings get lower on the sides – something that short people like me may enjoy , but tall guests may not…

Lastly, the Nutcracker room (another of the special ones) – probably a nice attraction for little boys, I personally found those huge toy soldiers creepy... :S
Food and Drink
The breakfast buffet was just ok for a 5* hotel. Lots of things were arranged on a big table, but nothing felt particularly tempting – I think it’s also because of the weak lighting in the room. Also, to my disappointment, I asked for plain low-fat yogurt and it was finished (at 8.30 am…).

Lunch was great (I had a tuna appetizer and seabass as main course), although for the same prices you can eat at some of the top restaurants in the city…
Service was not the fastest.
Features, Wellness, and Amenities
The lobby opens to a large lounge area with a glass ceiling which makes it pleasantly bright on sunny days. The upper part of it can be used a stage, making this room a perfect venue for private parties and shows (like the 20’s-themed one they organized on the evening I arrived, which was honestly a lot of fun!).

I only visited the Spa quickly – it was not very big but it felt like a nice place to enjoy couple treatments before a romantic dinner…

There’s also a tiny fitness center underground, next to the spa.
The hotel is a good bargain considering its position and facilities, but it lacks the charm you would expect from a Relais & Châteaux property.