Jonas Rask Eilersen
Turkish Airlines B777-300 Comfort Class
Istanbul Atatürk - Buenos Aires Ezeiza, Boeing 777-300 Comfort Class (Premium Economy Class)
25th September 2015

One of the world’s fastest growing airlines, Turkish Airlines has big ambitions for the future. Part of Star Alliance, the airline maintains that it is continuously upgrading service quality. We tested out the airline’s Premium Economy Class, aka “Comfort Class” on a trip from Istanbul to Buenos Aires.

Check In
I’d checked in at Tel Aviv for this connecting flight to Buenos Aires, and everything worked smoothly. Boarding passes for both legs as well as lounge invitations were provided, and my seat requests honoured. All great.
The Lounge
As RASK’s friends know, we are big fans of the flagship lounge at Istanbul Atatürk; it’s quite simply one of the world’s best lounges (also one of the biggest). Note that Comfort Class passengers do not get complimentary access to the lounge: I used my Star Alliance Gold card to enter.
The large cosmopolitan space is divided into areas according to what takes your fancy, creating a fabulous haven away from the buzz of the rest of the airport. Choose from sleeping, eating, and playing pool, to name just a few. The free Wifi worked without a hitch, and plenty of helpful staff were on hand. We spent a pleasurable couple of hours here.
Around 45 minutes before departure, we headed over to the gate. Now, we gripe about boarding almost any Turkish Airlines aircraft: this time was no exception. A mad scrum, and nothing was done by the gate staff to help this. No priority for Business or Comfort Class passengers.
The Cabin, Seat and Service
Make no mistake: the Turkish Airlines Comfort Class seat is quite simply on of the best in the skies (best of its class, mind). The cabin is completely separate from both business and economy, and feels more “business light” than “economy plus”.
The reclining seat is great and it also has an adjustable leg rest.
On board, it was immediately apparent that the TK crew’s grasp of English was poor. They were all friendly enough; just not very easy to communicate with.
Twelve hours into the flight there was a 1h30m stopover at Sao Paulo. Irritatingly, the plane was cleaned during this time – in a rather inelegant manner – cue shouting and shuffling by both crew and cleaners. The cabin crew switched over at Sao Paulo, with not so much as an ‘adeus'.
The flight itself was smooth, the cabin extremely clean, and the seat incredibly comfortable.
Food and Drink
I started off with a refreshing Raspberry Lemonade - the wine list was modest - two choices of red and two of white – and presented as either ”French” or “Turkish”. The food however is some of the best in the skies. RASK was greeted with a bowl of nuts and Turkish Mezzes, and later on we were given a choice of World and Turkish cusine, rounded off with fruit and cheese, or a sweet dessert. Everything tasted very fresh – not always a given onboard a long haul flight!
Inflight Entertainment
The Comfort Class seat comes with a personal monitor, prepped to accept transfers from personal media (e,g, Ipad or Ipod).
The Planet Entertainment system has a wide selection of movies and sitcoms available, although no really risky choices – it is very much a family friendly affair. The 777s also have free wifi, although it didn’t work very well.
Timely arrival into Buenos Aires’ Ezeiza Airport – and a very smooth landing.
Delicious food, punctual flight, and extremely comfortable seats. All in all, incredible value for a very pleasurable flight. Although boarding processes and the language skills of the crew could be improved, this is the best premium economy product on the market.