Miriam Braun
Iberia A340-300 Economy Class
Madrid Barajas - Buenos Aires Ezeiza Airbus A340-300 Economy Class
22nd September 2015

Iberia is one of the oldest airlines operating today. Founded in 1927, it represents the main Spanish-flag airline around the world and the fourth biggest in Europe. As part of the alliance with One World, it flies to 108 destinations in 42 countries. Despite recent economic problems, it is still very active in Europe and America. But would it stand up to its prestigious legacy? We tested out its Ecomony Class service to find out…

Check In
Once you’ve taken time to marvel at the work of art and engineering that is Madrid-Barajas Airport, you may find it tricky to find your flight. It is airport policy that no announcements are made on the speakers regarding a specific flight or gate, so it's important to check the screens every now and then for any changes. However, checking in itself was easy and fast. Trollies for the long walk to the gate cost €1, but it's very easy to find one left by another thoughtful passenger.
Boarding the plane was a slow process, taking almost a whole hour. We were greeted warmly once on board: the flight attendants welcomed us in with a kind smile, looking well rested. Our take-off time was delayed by half an hour, but we made this up once airborne.
The Cabin, Seat and Service
Not the most comfortable seat that RASK has ever had. More scope to move backward would have been appreciated and the surface was hard. There was however a head support system, and a reasonable amount of leg-room. One of the toilets was broken – something that could have easily been fixed during the departure delay.
Food and Drink
Food was hearty and tasty. RASK dined on cannellini and salad, while the other option was an eggplant-based dish. The kosher and vegetarian meals looked great too. There is a vast selection of drinks on board.
Inflight Entertainment
You could not choose your own movie or turn off the screen altogether to aid with sleep. The controls seemed out-to-date, and not up to the standard to similarly-priced option Alitalia.
Timely and bags were on the belt relatively quickly.
If your priority is to go from "A" to "B" only, regardless of the comfort, it's a bearable flight to take at good rates. Service is good but the comfort of the seat could be vastly improved. It doesn’t look like this will be happening any time soon though.