Jonas Rask Eilersen
Condor 767 Business Class
Frankfurt - Calgary, Boeing 767-300ER Business Class
25th September 2015

One of Europe’s largest leisure carriers, Condor operates primarily from German speaking markets with a mixed fleet of Airbus short and medium haul aircraft, and some quite old 767s – I was testing the latter and was in for a nice surprise!

Check In
I came off a flight from Stockholm on SAS, and was already checked in there. Easy and painless transition at Frankfurt. Bags sent all the way to Calgary. Arriving off the flight from Stockholm, I proceeded to the Non-Schengen C gates.
The Lounge
With my Condor boarding pass, I was able to access the Lufthansa lounge one floor up, right next to the gate. I’m not super keen on the Lufthansa lounges, and this one did nothing to change my outlook. Still, there was ample seating, a good selection of food and drink, and the staff were friendly. It’s just a little uninspiring, that’s all.
Boarding was a complete and utter mess thanks to the gate personnel’s poor handling of the queues. The gate manager was visibly stressed. No priority boarding for business class passengers: I was pushed back from the entrance, as the gate manager clearly hadn’t expected me to be a business passenger.
Most of this was forgotten once on board, as the aircraft cabin was a very positive surprise. Completely refurbished, everything felt clean and new, ample room. I was plonked down in my aisle seat (3D) within a minute of entering the aircraft, and was quickly offered a glass of Champagne
The Cabin, Seat and Service
I will readily admit that I hadn’t expected the cabin to be so nice; and the seat was the best surprise of all. While not flatbed, it was certainly lie-flat; in fact, it felt much like the now old Lufthansa seat in both look and feel. Not what I expected from a leisure carrier like Condor. Arranged in a very standard 2-2-2 configuration with 30 seats offering 170 degrees recline, USB port and charger, reading light, massage function – just what you need for a day flight. Service was unfailingly friendly; efficient, and quite personable.
Food and Drink
Another surprise; the food and drink…absolutely great. I loved my Steak (which I almost never do in the air). Champagne on tap (not exactly a vintage you’d brag about – but perfectly acceptable (and in the air, sorry, I can’t taste the difference).
Inflight Entertainment
Just ok; 30 movies and some TV shows – but nothing really got my heart racing. Not the newest system, but acceptable.
A smooth ride on this long day flight saw us arrive timely into Calgary (although we did have to circle once or twice). A short taxi to the terminal and priority disembarkation.
Much to my surprise, this was one of the best business class long hauls I’ve taken in a while! Friendly service, completely refurbished planes and comfortable seats – at a superb price. Value-wise; the best flight I’ve taken in a *very* long time in business class.